備忘録 印象深い日々の出来事や、気付き等を記す


  • Background

My colleague in UK gave me this book while hunging out in Oxford :)


  • Summary 

This story is based on fact during WW2. The main character, a tattooist whose race is Jew, were thrown into a concentration camp by Nazi.

After being sent to the camp, he luckily got a high-rank job of tattooist because of his kindness to others and language abilities - he was able to speak in German, Russian, French, Polish, etc. 

Whild supporting mates in the camp, he fell in love with a woman who is also thrown into the camp due to the fact that she is Jew. 

Both of them managet to survive in the harsh environment, went out from the camp, got married, and finally lived in peace in Australia.


  • My impressions 

Since I was interested in the Holocaust, this book got my attention strongly. It was for the first time to look at the tragedy from a prisoner's point of view in the camp. I saw the movie of THE PIANIST from a Jew's point of view who lives in the Getto, and I also saw the movie of THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJYAMA from a boy's point of view whose father was a senior officer of Nazi.

I realised how it was creazy and scary Nazi was at that time - I cannot imagine that how people can recognise people who are human but just have different religion or nationality as a creature, the object whicch has no value to be sympathised...

I am thankful that I was born this age in Japan, I have no experience such horrify things, and we have to prevent them from happening again.


The Tattooist of Auschwitz: the heart-breaking and unforgettable international bestseller