備忘録 印象深い日々の出来事や、気付き等を記す

Review of 'BECOMING'

  • Summary of background

The advertisment of this book was appeared in every tube station this fall.

Since I was getting concerned about the political movement towards nationalism in some countries, I chose to pick up this book as the first reference to learn why Trump won the election, why British people opted to exit EU, and so on. 

In addition to my interest in the poltics, I also wanted to know about one of the most powerful women in the world, because I become to realise gender inequality in Japan and wonder how those women working hard but taking care of their family are keeping a balance between work and family.


  • My review

I will add my findings about the politics later, and write down a quick review...


I was surprised cultural differences between US and Japan as follows:

  1. Social movements to support unprivileged people, such as women, child, coloured, were much more enthusiastic in US than in Japan.
  2. The value of parents to cherish their children are different, US parents seems to devote themselves to their children more than Japanese parents.

The first point is, in my opinion, partly because of Japanese social structure. The wealthy gap is smaller in Japan compared to US, furthermore Japan is a kind of homogeneous country.

I attribute this fact to the low level of the social activites in Japan, because most Jpanese don't need such activities to get fundamental individual rights. Considering that, in other words, it might be said that the social system of Japan is sophisticated and well balanced.

Actually the second item is relevant to the first item. Since it is not free or easy to have their children good education more frequently in US than in Japan, parents are high conscious to ensure to give the opportunities to their children.

On the other hand, in Japan, every children can reach quality-assured education from primary school to high school. Also, the university tuition fees are much lower in Japan, therefore Japanese parents tend to leave it for their children, though I think they should care of it much as well as Amerian parents.


... Since I feel sleeply I finish my review at this moment and update later....